Portable  Air Humidifier
Portable  Air Humidifier

Portable Air Humidifier

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• Ultrasonic Sterilize Function :The ultrasonic sterilize function ensures that the air is clean and free from harmful bacteria, making it safe for you and your family to breathe.

• Mist Discharge Humidification Method :The mist discharge humidification method ensures that the air is moisturized evenly, providing a comfortable and healthy environment.

• Portable Design :The portable design makes it easy to carry around and use in any room of your house, ensuring that you always have a source of fresh air.

 • Low Noise Level :With a noise level of less than 36db, this humidifier is quiet enough to not disturb your sleep or work, allowing you to focus on what's important.



1. Run quietly. It doesn't interfere while you sleep.

2. Large capacity, anti-drying, penetrating and moisturizing.

3. Automatic power-off protection to prevent dry burning.

4. Small size, light and compact, easy to carry.




Color: white & pink

Working voltage: DC 5V

Material: silicone/PP/ABS/electronic components

Spray volume: 40ml/h

Working current: 400mA

Battery: 18650 battery (not included)

Water tank capacity: 220ml

Use time: 5-10h

Power supply: USB

Applicable area: 10-20 square meters

Noise: less than 36dB

Package Included:

1 * Humidifier (without battery)

1 * USB cable


1. The humidifier can add aromatherapy essential oil, but it is recommended to add 1-2 drops, do not add too much;

2. Please use Power adapter below 1A ;

3. The filter diameter is about 80mm,and change filter about two months;

4. The filter must be completely soaked in water before working. If the mist is reduced, please change filter.